Teaching in the New Vernacular

Case studies of Drupal sites in teaching and learning

Important themes include media literacy, participatory learning, multimedia assets, content annotations, digital repositories, video clipping, mashups, mapping, timelines, etc.

Drupal, and the Content Management System will be contrasted with Course Management Systems and other Web 2.0 platforms.

Columbia University's Center for New Media Teaching and Learning is committed to the purposeful use of technology in education. We work directly with the faculty, helping them use new media and technology to enhance their teaching. We develop environments that attempt to balance the flow of power, communication, and knowledge in the classroom. We have experience deploying blogs, wikis, course and content management systems and a wide variety custom solutions.

Jonah is new to the Drupal community, but is a longtime contributor to Plone and Mediawiki.

Past presentations include PloneCon, Wikimania, and SXSW.

I am a programmer, site developer, as well as a phd student in Communications and I can adjust the skill level of this presentation according to feedback (it can be technically oriented or more general and theoretical, appropriate for evaluators).


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