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The budget hostel mentioned

The budget hostel mentioned is completly full

Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2007 16:25:28 +0200 [07:25:28 AM PDT]
From: Hotel Peninsular
Subject: Reservas Hotel Peninsular
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DearMORRESI, Leigh: I am sorry but the Hotel is complety full. Best regards, JoséAntonio

En/na ha escrit:

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Nombre: Leigh Morresi
Direccion: Mail: Mail2: Telefono: Tipo de habitacion:
Individual Tipus habitacio preferida: Matrimonio Numero habitacions: 1 Numero persones
1\Fecha de entrada: 18th of sep Fecha de salida: 22st of sep Hora de llegada: 3pm Número
de tarjeta de credito: 00000000 Fecha de caducidad: 00/00 Observaciones: hi there,
curious if you have accomodation and how much?


Wow! That is truly amazing!!