Traveling with non-geek partners

Unlike last year in Brussels, but like Vancouver, I'm using Barcelona DrupalCon as an excuse to go on vacation.

My wife and I are going to (at least) Madrid, Toledo and Barcelona. Problem is, while I'm at DrupalCon, she's left out.

Is anyone else traveling with a spouse / friend / partner who is not planning to attend DrupalCon?

If so, post here or send me a note via my contact form.

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I have convinced the GF to

I have convinced the GF to go with me to barcelona, she bought the -oooh no baby were not that geeky at all talk (boy am i gonna pay...)

Shes not gonna attend the conf. wtf schould she do there - but i think will find here in the bar later at night ;)

Our plan now is to go to barcelona from the weekend and then attend the confrence geek out , get drunk have fun etc and then go home to rainy copenhagen, but that all depends on which hotels n stuff we can get.

//king of denmark ...

Rock on

I'll send you a note and we'll get it going.


A bit off topic, but I would recommend a visit to the city of Valencia. It has lied in the shadows of Barcelona and Madrid for a long time, but people are starting to discover this beautiful and much more relaxed city. Things you can see and do in Valencia:

Visit CAC (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias):

Experience the religion of football ("soccer") at Mestalla, home ground of Valencia CF (an experience even for those who don't understand football):

El Carmen, a charmy quarter of the old town.
Mercado Central, one of the largest markets in Europe.
Playa de Malvarrosa (Valencia is known as Madrid's beach, as every summer a lot of madrileños take the train to the coast of Valencia to cool down in the mediterranean sea).

Anyway, I'm sure you and your wife will enjoy spain. It's a country with strong history and culture.

count me (us) in

My spanish speaking non-geek partner will be there and exploring Barcelona until the 21st. Her current plan is to tour the city basicallly independently starting on the 19th. One of my favorite parts of DrupalConSF was the late night hack sessions, so...

my wife is coming too

this will be fun for all. can't wait to catch up with everyone i met in san jose and of course get some drinks with the king of denmark himself :)


Should we plan a Tuesday night or Wednesday morning meetup for all the partners / geeks?

One obvious choice is the central metro station at Placa Cataluyna. Another is the venue itself.

Count me, too

I'm also bringing my wife. We'll arrive Sunday morning (before the conference), will probably play Tourist Sun-Tue together, I'll do the conference, and then we return to Boston the Sunday after the conference.

I suggest we consider having cocktails Tuesday night (before the conf.), so the ladies can meet each other, and see if they want to travel around together while the boys are doing conference things Wed-Fri (/Sat). (This gives them a graceful "out" if they don't seem to have the same priorities.)

Instead of meeting at the conference facility (since it's the day before the conference), we should meet at a hotel. We're staying one that is right next to Plaza Catalunya. It has a Bar, but I don't know if it's the place we'd actually hang out. But we could use it as a meeting point.



Sounds good

If no one has a better idea, we should meet in the hotel bar. That's a good central spot.,+7+-+08002+Barcelona&...

We don't get in until about 20:00 on Tuesday, though.

- Ken

Good suggestion

Myself and my non-geeker would probably pop along for a beer, I guess things will formulate a bit more the closer we get.


Head south ...

As I mentioned to Ken today, I'd urge the spouses (spice?) to take a Rodalies train from Sants-Estacio south to Sitges or Vilanova i la Geltru for some beach time. Sitges is a big party town; Vilanova (only 25 minutes by rail) is a lovely slow quiet village. Great beaches in both places. The train is cheap.

Some photos:

try-hard-geek and she-thinks-shes-not-a-geek

Heya. Yes, this is us! More organisation when the air-fare is paid - too much on my mind at the moment.

Not to be left out...

I think my wife will be coming along with me too. We will be arriving on Monday and leaving the following Wednesday, most likely. I am sure she too would like to meet up with some other spouses!

wife, and 2 kids

I will be there with my wife amy and 2 kids (3.5 and .5 years). We'd be very interested in getting together with anyone who has a 2/3/4/5 year old kid along.

also, we have an apartment that is well located and can host a gathering. seems nicer than a hotel bar. click on my name on left hand side of:

we are in barcelona for a week from 17-24. how about tuesday evening at my apartment?


Moshe, I like this idea as well, especially for people with children (none here). So I think this is a great idea.

Of course, we won't arrive until at least 20:00, so that may be a factor in planning.

Final date+time

OK, lets finalize this. Amy and I will host the Drupal for Families event at our rental apartment at 18:30pm on Tuesday Sep 18. Kids and spouses and sex partners are encouraged to attend. I'll try to publicize this a bit more widely.

Address: 69 Calabria, principal 2 - Eixample Area

Do you have a target end

Do you have a target end time? A "get out so my kids can sleep" deadline?

At that point, we'll adjourn to the previously mentioned hotel bar.

more about the time

I think 6:30 is good for kids as you say. I would think that we are done at 9:30 or so and then I expect folks to get dinner together and keep the conversation going elsewhere in the city.

See you there. Looking

See you there. Looking forward to it! : )


Drupal for families...

18:30 is really quite early in Barcelona terms (it's a LATE party city, if you ain't been before). So I think the apartment thing will work for folks with kidiwinks, and maybe the rest of us can meet later for a beer and blether?

Look forward to meeting some of you at some point in the evening...




Well, my flight from Madrid doesn't land until 18:20, so it is unlikely I'll be ready to meetup before 20:30.

So I think we're looking at 18:30, meet at Moshe's, and then 21:00 (or so) meet at a hotel bar or local restaurant.

Sounds fine...

batsonjay mentioned the Hotel bar at Cat Square (nearer the top of the page), sounds good to me - downtown etc, but the other bar sounds fine too (on the 661 thread - maybe we should consolidate around that post?), we just need to find out what the other folk fancy doing. Time sounds about right - 20:30 - 21:00 ish. Family type folks can hit Moshes place earlier if that suits them.

I'm sure over the next week we'll see a bit more activity on this discussion, but what we've got so far is a starter for ten...


There are going to be soooo

There are going to be soooo many people there. Trying to meet up with "the other folk" are doing will lead us to insanity ;)

Tuesday night can just be the folks that are at this need to look for everyone. We see them on Wednesday, anyway.


Tuesday night is entirely about introducing my wife to people that she can meet up with on Wednesday morning while the rest of us go to DrupalCon.


Barcelona with kids

Barcelona with kids

Also at one hour by train from Barcelona:

See you,

promoted to home page

this event is now publicized on the home page of this site and

wife and son 7

My wife is threatening to come along as well. If she gets her act together and actually buys airline tickets in the next day or so, she will be coming along with our son who is age 7. I'll hook her up with you all.

We will be staying at the Hotel Zenit located at Santalo 8 in Barcelona, 18-September through 22-September.,+Barcelona,+S...

My wife is coming along, so

My wife is coming along, so we'll probably skip at least one day of Drupalcon to run around town. She's fluent Spanish and I'm sure would be up for hanging out with other non-geeks. (Well, I wouldn't marry a non-geek, she's just a different kind of geek than me. :)

We'll be in an apartment (with 4 other Drupallers!) a few blocks from La Sagrada Familia. She may even be interested in helping with the kids, Moshe. I doubt she'd be up for bar hopping. ; )

Perhaps there should be some handy meet-n-greet time?


Spanish speakers will be muy beuno for this group.

The initial meet-and-greet is planned for Tuesday night (see above). We _will_ firm something up later.

Hotel Bar, Cat Square

...seems to be the place....

see above

Add to map

Can someone add the meeting place(s) to this map:

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