Drupal and PHP 5

Drupal 7 will finally open up the wild and cool world of PHP 5 to developers. But what do we do with all of these new tools? And how do they work? This two-hour tag-team session by Crell and chx will cover PHP 5.2's major new features, possible ways they could be leveraged in Drupal, and a lively discussion of the myriad possibilities. Specific topics planned include:

  • PDO database abstraction (very briefly)
  • The new object model, including magic methods.
  • The Standard PHP Library
  • XML deliciousness(very briefly)
  • The Filter extension
  • Date handling
  • What else do you want to know?

Hopefully that will generate ideas leading to regular coding sessions led by chx with brainstorming recaps each day.

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Date handling

I've done extensive research into PHP 5 date handling and am in the process of re-writing the Date module to use it. I'd be glad to give a rundown of how dates work in PHP 5 and why it's such a huge benefit to any module that needs to do date manipulation. I'm writing some PHP 4 wraparound code to emulate the PHP 5 date handling capabilities so I can use them Drupal 5 and 6, and ended up with 312 KB of code used only in the PHP 4 version just to emulate some of the things PHP 5 can do natively.

Get your own presentation!

:-) Seriously, I'd love to see a presentation just on the future of date handling, just as Walkah's doing a presentation just on XML in PHP 5 and I'm doing one on databases. Sign up to give one! We can use this talk as a feeder to the "topical" PHP 5 talks.

I don't have any where near

I don't have any where near an hour's worth of things to say. Just mentioned it because you have date handling listed here. I don't have time to put a 'real' presentation together, and I'm not sure how much material there really is, but if there's interest at the conference we can do a BOF on php 5 date handling.