Drupal for Educators and Academics

PowerPoint and audio available at http://www.dominiklukes.net/presentations/drupalcon07.


Drupal has become more important for educational and research instutions. Since the last European conference a number of efforts appeared of bringing Drupal closer to the needs of educators and academics. These include the DrupalEd distribution, and modules like conference, biblio, ejournal, etc.

This session aims to bring together developers and site designers with educators to survey what Drupal has to offer now and what direction it can go in the future.


- Contexts in which Drupal sites have to work with sample sites
- DrupalEd distribution (what's in it and how it can be useful - hoping some of its developers will be in attendance)
- Other modules that can useful for sites in education and research (from Views to Biblio) - ideas for integration
- Pitfalls and shortcomings of Drupal as a platform for education and academia (competing platforms)

- What Drupal still needs and where it could learn from other projects
- Questions and answers about individual modules
- Break down of several sample sites (if developers attend)

Both developers, site designers and users from education are welcome in this session. More space will be devoted to certain development projects if developers of particular modules or designers of particular sites will attend. Please contact me through http://www.dominiklukes.net/contact.


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