An update on Drupal Searching

At OSCMS Robert Douglas and I co-presented our independent work on Drupal searching. Robert gave an overview of how core search works and I presented a few modules built for searching with improved performance and usability. Since that time, we have collaborated and made improvements. This session will start with a demonstration of what was presented at OSCMS -- a site built with views and views_filterblock. I'll talk about how core search currently works and proposed improvements, including the link refactoring patch by Steven and new SQL using subqueries (made possible with the upgrade to MySQL 4.1). I'll talk about the three existing node-ranks, and the proposal for extending these with the hook system (for example, think about letting votingapi add to search ranking). We'll take a cursory review of other contrib search modules, from old (SQL Search) to new (Faceted Search).

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You might want to look at fuzzysearch.


tweaks to node ranking are dandy, but what users really crave is speed. i don't know how, but we need to give results that are accurate and complete within a second.

Presentation Slides

I've uploaded the presentation slides here.