Project Flow and Tracker: an Agile approach to Drupal web application development

Of interest to all skill levels, actually, but a must have for Programmers and for people doing (somewhat) complex Site Development, I will be presenting a soon-to-be-released Drupal Distribution designed for autodocumenting Drupal web application development with Roles, User Stories, Task/Bug/Issue tracking, Acceptance Tests, etcétera. It is a web application itself based on Drupal, of course, and a vicious abuse of CCK & Views .

It is a synthesis of my two decades of process engineering experience I wish to bring to the Drupal Community. And is now undergoing heavy testing in the field with several clients, with the aim of version 1.0 benefitting from real-world usability reality checks.

Just a smidgeon of detail:

"Instead of the failed "waterfall" process, which purports to "capture requirements" and then "develop" them, leading to a black hole of ever-increasing size (in terms of time, cost, effort, and lost opportunities) separating the client from the realization of their needs, we all get down to work in transparent, cooperative fashion. The developer participates in that workspace just as the client does.

The Process Flow and Tracker guides all participants through the complexity of the process connecting the initial vision from the production site itself, and the client participates in the creation of the requirements baseline, the planning of the project iterations and phases and feature implementation priorities, the writing of the acceptance tests, risk management and early approval of the candidate architecture, and deployment strategy and implementation."


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Missed your Thursday presentation !

Hi Victor,

I unfortunately missed your presentation today. Were there any presentation slides which you can post?


View slides here:

And access the Project Flow & Tracker playground (user "drupal" password "rocks") or even download the whole site here:

Soon after the conference, we will be releasing it as an installation profile.