SMS and Drupal

It's been quite some time since ordering beers via SMS and Drupal. This presentation will introduce the new SMS features available to Drupal based on current work being done in the field using the Drupal platform and third party providers.

Examples of SMS features include further buildout of an SMS API easily approachable by many gateways, as well as a look at modules that implement the API to take advantage of SMS in Drupal under different scenarios, like alerts, reminders, and actions - both sending to Drupal and receiving based on events/actions within a Drupal site.

Since its introduction, SMS messaging has allowed organizations to communicate with a broad audience wherever they are. In the past, however, expense and technical requirements have restricted the use of the medium to large companies. With more affordable gateway solutions entering the market, small business, non-profit organizations, and political groups can take advantage of this valuable tool.

More information about the SMS Framework project is available at the follow URL:

Speakers: Will White, Jeff Miccolis, Ian Ward, and Chad Phillips
Moderator: Eric Gundersen

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