Aggregation and Drupal

With over 8 different modules that deal with feed aggregation in Drupal, this area is ripe for consolidation of at least some of the central elements - whether that's the actual feed parsing, rapid bulk node creation techniques, or another overlapping issue. Aron Novak, Ken Rickard, Ted Serbinski and Alex Barth, among other developers, are presently looking at how to make a successful aggregation API for Drupal 7 to allow contributed modules to tap into the same framework.

This presentation will focus on what went in to the aggregator API, while sharing challenges and approaches to feed aggregation on the Drupal platform. We will look at what a robust parser can handle and how this can work well with Drupal, to allow for high performance parsing of many feeds, creation of content based on those feeds, how a contrib module can extend or replace existing functionality, and what the road map looks like.

Planned structure of the session:
- development experiences while working on aggregator API
- current result of the development
- open discussion about the improvements / suggestions

There are at least 8 different modules used for feed aggregation in Drupal. The features of these modules vary, some include node creation for feed items, some use external feed parsing libraries like SimplePie, and other solutions use code from projects like MagpieRSS. A breakdown of these modules exists on

Speakers: Aron Novak, Ken Rickard, Ted Serbinski, and Alex Barth
Moderator: Eric Gundersen

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