Multilingual Drupal

This is a two-part presentation and will focus on the new multilingual features of Drupal 6, what's left for Drupal 7 and beyond, and get into some detail on workflow support and Computer Aided Translation as well as i18n module addons and extras. The idea for covering both core and contrib. aspects will help illustrate how core and contrib. work together to build truly powerful and flexible multilingual Drupal websites. The session would preferably span 2 hours, with equal time for part 1 and 2.

Multilingual Drupal and Core (Part 1, 1 hour)

  • Changes to core to support a multilingual Drupal
  • Road map of what's remaining and possibilities
  • Computer Aided Translation demos

Contributed modules and Multilingual Drupal (Part 2, 1 hour)

  • Where contributed modules step in
  • Examples of multilingual sites and breakdown

Well before the Drupal 5 official release, work on what would be Drupal 6 and multilingual Drupal was underway in the form of research and planning. The push by Gabor Hojtsy and Jose Reyero on multilingual support for Drupal core started with an assessment of the current state, a large research undertaking by Gabor, and assessment by Jose of where to start based on what's already possible and what's difficult using the i18n module at the time, and what makes more sense to handle in core. Several community members ranging from developers to users joined in on the important discussions on and issue queue to iron out the issues and scenarios.

A summary of patches leading up to the Drupal 6 code freeze and summary are available at

  • Speakers: Gabor Hojtsy and Jose Reyero
  • Moderator: Ian Ward
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Not sure but it might be

Not sure but it might be better to create two sessions for this?

to be positioned in a block

The idea is to not allow positioning of these sessions into far away slots, as this is simply one big session with more time needed then one :)

part 1 slides