List of places to stay

This is a list of places to stay in Barcelona during the conference. We will update it as we are collecting more info or we are getting some price arrangements.


  • Hotel gaudi. Prices from 110€ x night. Near "Les Rambles".
  • Hotel peninsular. Prices from 52€ x night. Near "Les Rambles". Drupal web page ;-)

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Do you know of any good budget hostels? I'm thinking as cheap as possible, but not a big sleeping hall with 20 backpackers. I just need a place to sleep when I'm not awake. It doesn't matter what it looks like when my eyes are closed anyway.

This is a good place to look

Barcelona Dream Hostel Rocks

If you like youth hostels, this one is new and clean and has very relaxed atmosphere. Co-ed rooms is a draw also (or not). @ 22 Euros per night for shared room w/ big locker, the price is right.
28 Ave. Alfonso XIII (actually in Badalona). Right near Pep Ventura train station @ end of L2 line. ph 93 399 1420

Hotel Peninsular room sharing

This hotel peninsular looks quite basic, but O.K.
Anybody here who would like to share a room for two persons?
I'm male, tolerant non-smoker ;)

Could be!

What dates are you planning on staying in Barcelona?

Eigentor is not sure if he

Eigentor is not sure if he will be coming to barcelona.

I'd be interested to share a room with a nice drupaler. I'm german, non smoker, drupal-beginner and will be in town from wed 19th to mon 24th.

Hotel peninsular booked out

Hotel peninsular. Prices from 52€ x night. Near "Les Rambles". Drupal web page ;-)

They are booked out for the time of the conference


Is the general idea to stay near the venue or near Las Ramblas?

Or is there a specific part of town that people are targeting?

We're looking to stay where the action is.

Student Accommodation...

Is there any student accommodation available at this time near the DrupalCon or Les Rambles or somewhere in-between?

Is this being looked into?...

Cheers Daniel

Student Accomodation

There is a search page on the Barcelona City Council site, there you can select the category of accommodation:

The district near Ramblas is Ciutat Vella.


Info for newbies to Barcelona

I can't seem to get this to post as a new Forum Topic for some reason, so I am gonna try it as a comment here....

I did some research over the weekend, and bought a few travel guides for Barcelona. Since the info wasn't all that clear or easy to find at first, I thought I'd share some of my work to save others some time regarding where to stay in this town.

For starters, Barcelona is broken into several districts . DrupalCon is being held in Cornella de Llobregat, which (I think) is technically outside of what is considered Barcelona. Most of the city's action takes place in Ciutat Vella district ("old city" in Catalan). It looks like this is the prime place to stay, and there are tons of options at all ranges of costs. There is a transit system which will get you to DrupalCon in a little under an hour.

The weekend of (and the monday after) DrupalCon coincides with La Merce, an enormous local festival. This is fortunate in that tons will be going on, but unfortunate in that room rates are greatly inflated. This festival takes place primarily in Ciutat Vella and is definitely worth checking out. Looks like it will be a blast - extending your stay through the 25th would be worth it if you can swing it.

This map is one of the better that I have found for identifying the areas inside the main districts. Las Ramblas is a main road (and pedestrian area) through Ciutat Vella. It separates "El Raval" and "Barri Gotic", two areas of the district. El Raval was formally the red light district in Barcelona, but has been cleaned up a lot since the 92 Olympics. It has transformed into a pretty diverse and fashionable area. Lots of restaurants and cafes there. Barri Gotic ("gothic quarter") is the oldest section of town and is also home to many restaurants, bars, cafes, etc. "La Ribera" and the port area (2-4 on that map) are a bit more "hip" places to hangout with wine and tapas bars. L'Eixample is the main business/commercial hub of the area.

As for nightlife, from what I understand you can find good places almost anywhere in the city. Things get going around 11PM and run until 5 or 6AM. I am cribbing this from Fodor's "See It Barcelona" (the best of the guides I bought for pre-planning, but still inadequate by itself) regarding what bars are where: "Whats Where: Maremagnum and the Port Olimpic for salsa, mainstream rock and house clubs; Placa Reial and the Barri Gotic for pop, rock, funk, and soul; El Raval for old-established bars and clubs; La Ribera for designer bars and clubs; Montjuic for non-stop all-night clubbing; L'Eixample and Gracia for trendy clubs, salsa, samba, and tango; Zona Alta (Sarria, Puxtet, Sant Gervasi, and tibidabo) for serious poseurs and those who want to spend serious money"

That's all I have for now. Hope it at least gets some of you started. Keep in mind I have never been to Barcelona (or even Spain) so take any of the above with a grain of salt :)

Check out some of these Barcelona Hotel/Apartment search engines: (lots of apartments - might be good for larger groups) (nothing available for dates I needed with this one, but maybe you'll have better luck)

Barcelona Maps/Area Info:

Citilab (DrupalCon location) info:

See ya in September!


Good post, thank you Ben! Have you ever been here?

You can find a lot of info at:
Barcelona City Council
Barcelona Turisme
As for the hotels,
Barcelona is becoming a congresses city, this means the hotels are full most time of the year.
The prices are high, doubled since the euro, the city is expensive for everybody, including us, but you can find good places to stay at a reasonable price.
Where to stay?
If you want to go out at nights, I should choose the Ciutat Vella or the Eixample district, there you will find your hotel walking from the bar, just in case ;-).
We have good comunications with the Drupalcon venue, so dont worry if you can't find a hotel at the city centre.
The Les Corts district is near the tram that goes direct to the venue, there are some hotels there Nh hotel
What to visit?
The beaches are at Barceloneta neighborhood (Ciutat Vella district) and Sant Martí district. Its easy to go there by bus, metro or walking.
Everything from Gaudí, Picasso Museum, Ramblas, historic centre
The markets, the bars, shoping, something different.

Also if you have any questions please ask, people are here to help.

Catalan Users Group

Maybe share an apartment with 3 or 4 persons

One can find a lot of apartments between 400 and 500 Euros for 4 Nights. These are opted for four Persons. Anybody interested in facing the adventure to share an apartment with 3 or 4 persons?
Maybe a nice commune. And if somebody absolutely wants to be on his own, there should be more than one room, as the word apartment suggests...

I telephoned a hotel "Adagio" today. The clerk said, a single room was 60 Euros, and a double 90 Euros per night. Though not perfectly sure if he got me wrong and understood 19 of August instead of 19 of September. (Because our barcelonian Drupal associate hinted to the prices being inflated by the other big festival taking place at that time)

Cheers Thomas

If it's cheap, I'm up for it!

Let me know if something is happening here. I still haven't booked accommodation, and am in Barcelona from 17th to 25th. I spent all my $$ on the airfares...

Thomas, Me and my partner


Me and my partner will be in Barcelona from 18th to the 23rd September. The idea of sharing an apartment sounds great to me. Have you made any enquiries yet about the availability or have other information about places?


I'll be in town from the

I'll be in town from the 19th till the 24th.

I'm interested. Please let me know if you have a bed waiting.


I'm there 15-23

I am coming a few days early, arriving on the 15th and leaving on the 23rd. I'm definitely up for splitting an apartment with someone, although the extended stay may be problematic. If you're interested in splitting a hotel room or small apartment let me know soon. I still haven't made housing arrangements, because I keep getting distracted. :-/


I'd also like to share an apartment. I initially planned to stay in Barcelona from 18th to 25th, but the dates could slide a bit. 15th to 23rd sounds good too ;)

room in apartment still?

Does anyone still have room for one more person (American male, 36 years old) in a Barcelona flat? I'll be there for the nights of the 19th, 20th, and 21st only.

Andrew Hoppin

Shared apt.


I'm renting an apartment near Sagrada Familia for the week. Contact me if you are still in need of a space.

yes please!

Thank you Shawn-- I sent you a message separately, but in case you don't get it there, yes I'm still looking for a place, at least for the nights of the 19th and 20th.


Hey, overwhelming response

@lyrics and houndbee:

I've not been here for a while. In the bad habit of, the thread can't be subscribed to :(

Well, I found a great many of places around 400 - 500 Euros for 4 people for 4 days. To simplify the process: If you are still interested, just send me a mail directly to:

We are booked out now. To other people looking for a flat: try

Cheers and see you in good old Spain

In the bad habit of

In the bad habit of, the thread can't be subscribed to :(

You can now. :-)


Best apartments website I found:

Sharing an apartment is the cheapest option there is. You'll be out most of the day and evening, so the important things are:


....and of course the price.

CarPooling - 280+ @ Hotel Locations

Come on, folks, I encourgae all of you to really sign up here where you are staying, that that even after the daily conference we have chances to really make the most out of our time in Spain..

This way we can also arrange that ppl are getting sort of picked up for the conference. Usually these things are dealt with automatically and naturally after 2 days, but with only 4 days in town it is better to speak up prior about leaving from the same loaction and all..

Same with rides to and from the airport!!!
Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Anyone need a hand?

I'm British and living in Barcelona. Some things you might find useful:

1. Cornella metro is right on the end of line 5. Staying anywhere on the L5 route ( will make it a simple task of getting to the convention centre. It takes about 2-3 between each metro stop on average.

2. If the Cuitat Vella (Old Town) is having a Festa, don't stay there, in fact, it's expensive anyway, so just avoid it, it's for tourists, not techies!

3. I live by the Sagrada Familia, which is on L5, and it takes about an hour to get to Cornella from there on the Metro. I advise staying a little closer, but there are plenty of hostels around here.

If anyone needs anything checking out, let me know. My Spanish is limited, but I am at least someone you can communicate with in English on the ground here.

Sadly I will be back in the UK by the time the conference comes around, but I'm happy to help out beforehand.


Drupal is fine, but that is not good enough :)

Hotel NH Cornellá

I have moved my room from Hotel Bonanova to NH Cornellá. Pretty much the same price, nicer rooms, more services and around the corner from the CitiLab where DrupalCon will take place.
In case anyone is interested:

Several folks are staying there

Including me.