Starts the local festivity of Barcelona, Mercè 2007

You can see the full program in this web

You can not lose the "Correfoc". Him the hell on the earth! Somthing like this. Today at night


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What I want to check out

I just have to see the fire run (Correfoc) tomorrow in Via Laietana at 20:30. Groups of "devils" spray people with "fire" (sparks), so it's strongly recommended to bring cloths that won't catch fire + a hat so your hair won't + maybe even special goggles. Sounds like fun!

Also tomorrow: At 22:00, Ojos de Brujo (a great flamenco/gitano/electronica/hiphop group from Barcelona) are playing a world premiere of their new album at Forum Park. Really good urban barrio flamenco gitano music.

On sunday at 12:30 there's the Mati Casteller (human castles morning) where they build a tower of people, something I really want to see! Not sure where this is. Travis will be playing at 18:00 at the Old Estrella Damm Factory, and Angelique Kidjo will be playing at 22:30 in Avinguda de la Catedral..

There are also fireworks at the beach at 22:00 every day untill monday.

If anybody are thinking of going to the same events, let me know so we can hook up :) / +47 47095701

I like fire. I hate danger.

I'm definitely attending Correfoc. I'm not driven to see Kidjo, but I do want to see Darga at half midnight and I don't object to seeing Kidjo as well.

Maybe we'll see each other tomorrow at the conference. I'm the shaved bald white guy who wears all black. Oh, and I've got "bangpound" on me name tag.

Concert for Peace in the Basque Country

Those who may like author's song, New Folk or Ska, you can have a good time in the Concert for the Peace in the Basque Country.
This starts at 21.00 tomorrow Saturday in La Rambla del Raval.