Proposal of gastronomic touristic excursion

We are preparing a wine trip to Torres vineyard for Sunday 23th (morning visit and lunch). This would have some extra cost (see down here) and we would have to confirm it to the Torres people and to the Restaurant by this Monday 17th.

Please, if you would like to come, read more for price and trip details and leave a comment by this Monday 17th. If we are enough people we will organize one or more busses.

This would be the approximate cost, per person, of this experience:

  • Price for the visit to the vineyard: 3€
  • Price for the bus: 9-10€ aprox. (it will depend of the total people)
  • Catalan typical lunch at Can Aixelà: 28 € (3 courses meal, dessert and coffe: typical food of the Catalan region of the Alt Penedès)

Total cost per person: 40-41€

Again, if you would like to come, expect arriving to Barcelona sometime after 18h, please leave a message by Monday 17h.

Update: I just turned on signup for this node. Please use it!


Finally we hire a minibus (24 persons) since we are not too many people.

There is the possibility also to choose one of the tasting that there is in the following PDF


We have to to meed in front of the Hard Rock Coffe at Catalunya square at 10:00h to start the trip. We will go to Vilaranca and visit the Torres vineyard and after we'll go to a tipical catalan restaurant. We come back at 16:00 h.


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I would like to come.

I would like to come.

Sounds good...

Anything involving food, wine... and food and wine sounds good!

sorry - cant make it any

sorry - cant make it any longer


I signed up but you can count one more, my colleague is coming as well.

on time?

I need to be at the airport at 3pm. Do you think it's possible to go to the gastronomic excursion and still be on time for the flight? :)

Don't think so. Sorry :-(

Don't think so. Sorry :-(

Not. I think than.

The coach picks us up at 4 to come back to Barcelona. The route is from 45 minutes.

Not. I think than.

Can you change your passage?


still open to register for the wineyard on Sunday?

we (2) would like to join but were not online the last days since we are on vacation.

joining :-)

great, saw the new log-in, we signed up.
how about the tastings? I think we can choose on Sunday and do not need to do this in advance? Same applies for the wine I guess.
Looking forward to meeting you, we will be in Barcelona on Saturday for the Drupal show

I would like to come, if

I would like to come, if possible. I´ve been away from computers for nearly a week, so only just saw this message.

Count me in!

Hello all,
I would also like to go. Please count me in!

Where? How? What?


Would it be possible to mention the time and place where we meet for departure?