Drupal for families event

My wife Amy and I are hosting a Drupal for Families event in our rental apartment. Everyone who is bringing their kids or spouse/partner to Barcelona is welcome to attend. Lets try not to bore the spouses with excessive Drupal talk. Bring kids if you have them!

Date: Tuesday Sep 18 at 18:30
Address: 69 Calabria, Eixample Area. Ring bell marked Principal #2



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Will be attending with my

Will be attending with my wife... not sure about the other folks in our apartment. Thanks for playing the host. Let me know if we should bring any food or drink.

Drupal for non-Families...


Hi folks, for those that can't make the Drupal for Families event, or are looking thereafter, then just to let you know that the rest of us (I think) are on the 661 thread, we're still trying to finalise a destination, but Muebles Ciudad is looking good, tell us on that thread what you think?


Added to DrupalCon map.

I have added this event to my DrupalCon Barcelona 2007 map.