Drupalcon vs. Drupalshow

We are planning to have two events in place and we would like to explain what they will be. Both events will be held at the same venue, the Citilab in CornellĂ  (Barcelona).


This will be our main conference event. From September 19th to 22nd registered attendees will be able to attend to any of the proposed sessions that will be finally scheduled. Registered users to this site are able to propose a session. We do not have yet a date line for new sessions but it will be sometime before the end of August. Attendees will be able organize their own informal BoF sessions.

Most of the sessions tend to be of a high technical level. However, there have been an increasing demand of very low tech sessions for newcomers to Drupal. This is why we decide to organize something we call Drupalshow.


During Saturday 22nd only we'll have some sessions of a very low technical level for newcomers to Drupal. There will be free entrance for these sessions. If you want to attend to these sessions you do not need to pay any fee, although if you register (free registration) to this site you will be able to subscribe to the events once the schedule is ready.

If you are planning to propose a session for the Drupalshow make sure you choose 'evaluator' as the session skill level on the session proposal form.


Check our about page for any additional information you might need on these two events or contact us for a further assistance.