Design contest: Drupalcon Barcelona 2007

We would like to open a design contest for the Drupalcon Barcelona 2007 t-shirts. Entries must be submitted by June 10th, 2007. users will be able to vote for the best design along with a panel of experts. The winner will get a t-shirt and promotion on the DrupalCon site and elsewhere.

Technical Details

The design will be used on white or colored t-shirts (make a proposal with your design) as well on name tags, leaflets and any other public materials. We will use full colour printing.


  • All your work must be free of copyright, and therefore may not include any copyrighted materials.
  • Don't include anything which might possibly cause offense.
  • Make us look good. ;-)


Post a link to your designs in the comments below. If you like, upload them to Flickr and add them to the Drupal group.

Designs should initially be submitted as low resolution JPG or PNG files (height and width 500px maximum), the winning design can be sent either as an EPS or high resolution JPG, PNG or TIFF file.



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Someone has to go first...

Got a little inspired while looking at some photos of Barcelona, so... here ya have it.

I'm not the super artist... someone may be able to execute this better than me.

Looks Good

For a non-artist that is pretty good. I saw the intentions in the design right away. Not bad for a first attempt!

Barcelona and bullfights?

I am from Barcelona and I think for them that one of option about art of modernism ( is more steel...
The bullfights do not represent very more than one habit ancestral that it tortures the animals and is abandoned.
It is only my opinion, clear.
It is sad to have an image so much folkloric. Barcelona is much more than bulls and Sevillian


I agree with that!, and this is my opinion.

I think that there is a big misconception about the Catalonia culture and folk. We don't use flamenco or bullfights (or we try not to).

In the iberian peninsula there are different cultures, music and languages, and most of us, and people from other regions, don't like to be identified with this idea that comes from the promotion of spanish tourism in the 60' (we don't use mexican hats).

Maybe, we should open a forum to post something about Barcelona and Catalonia.

This (modernisme) one is pretty good!

I like it - and the one derived from the Sagrada Familia (above).

Of the two, I actually like this (small, modernisme) one a tiny bit better.

very nice

I agree with batsonjay, this is the best one I've seen so far. I'd love to see it at a larger size though.

Will someone develop this

Will someone develop this design a bit more? I like it.


Now you have it from hubert, Güell theme.

It is also my opinion ;-)

It is also my opinion ;-)

t-shirt idea?

Damn first saw this today ...Well throwed a little thingie together se if we can get somehing together before the deadline ;)

Updated to have some more

Updated to have some more time: new dead line June 10th

sweet :) Robert besides camp

sweet :)

Robert besides camp nou, what else would be a symbol for barcelona?
im looking for some inspiration :)



Design, architecture, history, the culture, the beach...

Some links:

First attempt

So this is my first attempt, I believe that the Sagrada Familia is a real symbol of Barcelona, and I tried to use it on the logo :

It needs some improvements still, but it's only a first step ! :)


I like this ;·D

I like this, too

... and the one below with the colored tiles (modernisme-themed.)

Shirt Design

I just saw this and thought i would try not done yet. I put them on shirts to give you an idea .

* different version
1 2




Start - 01-



druplalcon idea

Needs a lot of work, but I want to share it. Maybe one designer wants to work on it.

It would need some work but

It would need some work but it is really a good idea. I like the drupal name with the dali's handwriting.

Mosaic, Guell style

Maybe this would represent the Barcelona style, like the mosaics in the park guell !
I have few try with other colors, but I like the blue of that one, it kinda remind me the blue of the sea, a coastal ambiance.
Hope you'll like it, it took me hours to do that !!

Hubert, from Raincity Studios !


This is an awesome design that really carries the Barcelona theme while still being very 'Drupal'. I really like the detailed tile-work in the letters and such. Two big thumbs up.

In fact, I'd say that it's a shame that it says "DrupalCon 2007", because it means the t-shirts would look dated really soon. Perhaps removing the year would reduce that.

I agree with Steven -- I'd

I agree with Steven -- I'd try making one with less text.

Drupuell ! :)

design++; :-) I dont mind if



I dont mind if it will look out dated. In fact I like it dated. It's a way to say: I was there!

This one looks great. It has

This one looks great. It has a lot of humour and does not look too geeky. Congratulations. - I wonder what a small version would look like.

this is awesome

this is awesome

I like!

I like! Very nice.

I'd try a couple more with different color schemes for the 'Drupalcon' and '2007'.

Do the evolution

Drupalcon Poster:

Second version:

DrupalCon BCN 2007

These are our ideas for the design.

And the design on shirts:

There are more shirts in this url:


Modernism version:

SiteGround designer proposal


A few ideas of hand made Drupal Logos you can collect here

Another idea for the logo contest.

I've created a minisite to show and expline a little my idea for this logo contest.

Here is the link:

You can download the jpg from the next link or from the one at the minisite:


A Different Direction

Taking things in a little different direction...

Please check out for a larger version and more info.

another t-shirt proposal

And here you have my proposal:

proposal 2

Drupal T-shirt with optical illusion

Here's an contribution from Myself. Originally posted on

The tag line which can be changed to suit Drupalcon is "Take a closer look at Drupal. We know u want 2.0".. The optical illusion is that when you look closer (focussing on the Drupalicon) at the t-shirt, the eye-catching blocks appear to move.

Click for an on screen demonstration of the optical illusion. Instructions: focus on the Drupal icon in the middle and move closer/further away from your computer you do, the outer circle appears to move.

The different colours are purely for style & variety and perhaps illustrate the fact that Drupal is what you make it.

TaglineTake a closer look at Drupal.
We Know U want 2.0
optical illusion:Click for an on screen demonstration of the optical illusion (focus on the Drupal logo and move closer/further away from your screen. the design appears to rotate. works for all colours)